Our story (part iii)

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Thursday, 20th May 2010...

2 days have passed..

Early that morning as promised, Dr. Patrick personally called my husband to inform the findings on the amniocintesis that I underwent..

It was the 18..
My little angel is having the trisomy 18 a.k.a Edward Syndrome..
And it's gonna be fatal..

I was running out of tears as if it was the first time I learned all the facts about the syndrome..

I'm sorry Hidayah.. Mummy so sorry to cause you all this trouble..

Yes, our little precious already has a name.. My husband suggested to have word 'Nur' and a name that carries a meaning of kesedaran or 'enlightened'..
And both of us agreed on 'Nur Hidayah'.. Cahaya Petunjuk Allah..

Nur Hidayah binti Haris..
Our precious Nur Hidayah is suffering from the trisomy 18..

Deep in my heart, all I asking for is Allah the Almighty to forbid my Hidayah from any pain.. Not an inch on any part of her body.. not in any bits of her lifetime..!!

May she just rest in my womb peacefully until the time to see the world..

And to meet again with Allah, The Creator..



There are lots of things keep playing in my head..
Lots lots of things..
And lots of questions too..
Which best to be kept remain..

Ya Allah..
You have choosen us to carry this test..
And You have choosen Hidayah among the rest..
May this worst dream will turn out as the best..


We love you Nur Hidayah..

~ Mummy ~

Our story (part ii)

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Tuesday, 18 May 2010...

We already in Fetal Medicine & Gynaecology Centre (FMGC) waiting for our turn to see Dr. Patrick Chia..

The moment of the truth...

I've handed Dr. Patrick the referal letter from Dr. Asmah that was actually meant for Prof P.C Tan..Some medical jargons like polyhidramnios, IUGR were stated there..(Actually they were no longer jargons to me as we already made our own research beforehand..)

Dr. Patrick did the scanning job on my tummy, again..He never left us in the dark while he dedicatedly doing his job.. He took all the opportunity to explain and showed us whatever on his discovery side..

The shocking findings..

clenched hands..relatively small in size..small abdominal circumference.. Too many things to absorb in a second..I just cant help myself from crying..

But I have to be strong and face it..for my little baby..

Dr. Patrick suggested me to undergo a procedure called 'amniocintesis'.. The purpose was to confirm wether or not my baby is having some cromosoms abnormality based on the signs that SHE has showed on the scan results..

Yes our little angel is a GIRL!! ..And we agreed to undeergo the procedure..

A long tiny needle was poked into my tummy to take some amount of my amniotic fluids..Yes, I couldn't beleive myself that I was that brave to go through the procedure..But again, I have to be strong for our little precious..

He advised us to be prepared mentally and phisically for all the possibilities..Base on his experiences, there is a highly chance that our little baby is suffering from the cromosoms abnormality..

If it's so, that will lead to 3 other possiblities, which are:

abnormality in cromosom 21: my baby could suffered from Down Syndrome..
abnormality in cromosom 18: my baby could suffered from Edward Syndrome..
abnormality in cromosom 13: my baby could suffered from Patau Syndrome..

Ya Allah, this is too much to handle..I barely can take it..Please Ya Allah, give me whatever strenght to uphold with this situations..Please Ya Allah, may the results turn out good..Nothing happened to this baby of mine..

I was given 2 days medical leave as was explained by Dr. Patrick earlier, the procedure that I've gone through can lead to miscarriage or premature labor..and, the results will be informed in 2 days time..

Only Allah knows how I wished I can push the time to tick faster..

to be continued..

~ Mummy ~

Our story..

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As most of you have known, I'am currently in my 30th week expecting our 2nd little precious..

And it was a week ago when all the melancholic story began...And here is our story...

Monday, 17 May 2010...

Today is my another appointment day in Pusrawi..I have to go through my routine check-up to ensure everything is fine with my little angel..And today again I raised my anxious to Dr. Asmah about the size of my baby..

Dr. Asmah took her time to do the scanning job..The pause and long thinking she made always make me nervous..."Please Ya Allah, nothing bad is happening..my baby is all ok.."

"saya tak berapa puas hati dengan saiz kaki baby you la..The rest seems to be ok to me.."

...Panic striken me..

"I think better you buat detail scan to get the clearer picture on your baby condition..Is it ok if I refer you to our sonographer to have a look?.."

Me.."whatever la Dr...Lets just do it.."

But luck was not on my side..That day, the sonographer's scanning thingy was not in a proper condition..

"I think you better see the one who really good in this..I have a friend in PPUM and I will try to get an appointment for you with one of these two professor..Is it alrite with you?.."

"Or ada one Dr. yang memang buat fetal maternal study di Damansara, tapi takkan you sanggup nak bayar beratus-ratus untuk jumpa dia.."

Me..beratus-ratus?? beribu-ribu pun sanggup ku bayar asalkan anak aku sihat and OK!!!! Can you ensure that for me, Dr.??

I myself didn't know for sure why I just nodded and agreed to whatever the Dr. decided for me..I guess I was too worry that time..I was helplessly and hopelessly miserable!!

How I wished that my husband was there with me..Badly..!!


Dr Asmah only get the appointment set for me on the 3rd June 2010 with Prof P.C Tan; as she said Prof Sofea already full with appointments..

Me..That is 2 weeks from today, while at that moment all I can think of was how badly I need it to be done and over with...


Back in the office, I cant even concentrate on anything but my baby conditions..and the appointment in PPUM..

And I was also contemplating wether or not in contacting my gynae friend in PPUM..Yes, I have an old schoolmate gynae friend there!! Maybe she can figure out something..maybe she can expedite my appointment with the prof..

But I didn't do it...

That has brought me to the next step..

I contacted back Dr. Asmah...

Me, "Dr, just now you did mention about one Dr. in Damansara.. May I have the name and also the address...

20 minutes later,
(after I did my google job on the Dr. and the clinic profiles..)

An appoinment has been set for tomorrow..

"Dr. Patrick Chia, here we come tomorrow @ 11am.."

to be continued...

~ Mummy ~

An evening in a desert land..

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Monday, 12.04.2010...

Ahlan Wahsahlan..

Due to the urge to have something different on our taste buds recently has led us to Al Diafah Restaurant to savour some middle east cuisine..

It's something different but worth to try tho... : )

Bil Hana Wa Ash Shifa' everyone!

Checking out the menu..??

Our foods & drinks..

~ Hannah Haris ~

Those happy faces on my BIRTHDAY party..

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Date : 20.03.2010, Saturday
Venue: Mc Donald Bandar Baru Bangi..
Time : 4.00pm

Me, the birthday girl..

Welcome to my jungle party..

With my beloved family..(without Abang Apis, the cameraman)

Before the cake cutting..

Mingle...mingle..mingle around..

Yea yea...Acik An dah sampai.. (and terus melekap, melekat, glued..)

Acu, Kak Long Aini & Apam yang tak sabar-sabar nak "ngap" my birthday cake..

Happy birthday to you 2x..Happy birthday to Hannah..Happy birthday to you.. ok friends, lets blow those candles out..

Dancing with Acu..

Kak Layla's family..

Acik An's family..

Apam si botak, my cuzzie..sedang menunjukkan taringnya..

Kak Long's bestest friend, Kak Chik & the family..(Thank you for coming..)

Apalah si Acu tu cakap agaknya..isshk.

You must blow up the ballon..

And then, pijak-pijakkan..Until kababom..

Musical chair..

Kak Layla, Abang Apis n Iman..

Amboi manja benar ngan Acik An..(seronok la mummy tak payah kena layan dia...)

Iman n Kak Long Maya..

All my pressies....Thanks a lot guys..

The outcome...taraaa...

OMG..dah rambang mata ni..

With my phonic bus, pressie from Ayah and mummy.. tipu je mummy tak bagi apa-apa pun..

Dont play-play, I also have a blackberry u know!! Now I can IM with Ayah...! Watch me busy reading sms from friends (though my phone is upside down.. ) hehehe...

PS...To all my friends and relatives, THANK YOU so much for spending your time with me on that special day..and also thank you for all the pressies..!!

Hope we can do this again next year around! ; )


~ Hannah Haris ~