Our story (part iii)

Thursday, 20th May 2010...

2 days have passed..

Early that morning as promised, Dr. Patrick personally called my husband to inform the findings on the amniocintesis that I underwent..

It was the 18..
My little angel is having the trisomy 18 a.k.a Edward Syndrome..
And it's gonna be fatal..

I was running out of tears as if it was the first time I learned all the facts about the syndrome..

I'm sorry Hidayah.. Mummy so sorry to cause you all this trouble..

Yes, our little precious already has a name.. My husband suggested to have word 'Nur' and a name that carries a meaning of kesedaran or 'enlightened'..
And both of us agreed on 'Nur Hidayah'.. Cahaya Petunjuk Allah..

Nur Hidayah binti Haris..
Our precious Nur Hidayah is suffering from the trisomy 18..

Deep in my heart, all I asking for is Allah the Almighty to forbid my Hidayah from any pain.. Not an inch on any part of her body.. not in any bits of her lifetime..!!

May she just rest in my womb peacefully until the time to see the world..

And to meet again with Allah, The Creator..



There are lots of things keep playing in my head..
Lots lots of things..
And lots of questions too..
Which best to be kept remain..

Ya Allah..
You have choosen us to carry this test..
And You have choosen Hidayah among the rest..
May this worst dream will turn out as the best..


We love you Nur Hidayah..

~ Mummy ~

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